"the most under-rated artist of all time"      - ABC 7
"Thru all the gossip and rumors, here to pack a punch in conceptual art!"   - FOX 40 Wicz-TV
"The best new music you probably have never ever heard."   - KITV island news
"Scaling new musical heights, in a played out mainstream pop industry...”    - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"The much anticipated third studio album JINN LP"    -CBS 58

Destructive Criticism LP



"A refreshing new sound mixed with old school tastes"  - Los Angeles Daily News
"Often overlooked and completely misunderstood, he’s back with more of the same non-sense, extreme antics and odd behavior that’s wrapped up in a square or circle delivered in a head set."   - Denver Post
"Sparkadiss Releases New Bonus Single"  -RFD-TV
"Something unusual and passionate in character"   -KMIR
"Live or Live (audio) on YouTube"      - WCAX-TV
Sparkadiss Releases NewBonus Single "Beat iT And She Missed Me" Today- WBCB