James R. True III grew up in the rocky mountains of Colorado.  He started playing sports at a young age.  Picked up the pen and kept writing, grew attached to hip hop, R&B, and Funk music. Became a pro snowboard at an early age, once he played a season of hockey and football with three fractured ribs and didn't realized they we're broken till he got a c-t scan for a concussion, he know something was wrong with that side of the body, but kept fighting, continued to work stupid jobs to fund his music. Developing painting skills as an artist, study photographers and design while living in and out of recording studios. Struggling with drugs and other temptations, he was force to go thru it at an earlier age than most people.......rapping for fun at first

He grew up in a broken home, during his teenage years, a child of divorce, he felt throwing parties and music saved him from the realities of Life and life got tuff, working job after job, just to make studio time and ends meet, getting bounced from clubs, he was supposed to preform at or had earlier, sometimes not able to even get in, been thru bad places and many of the places got into fights, some he wouldn't even start, grew up with not much money, in a place where everybody had a lot of it, times got dark and cold from time to time, but had a good life, he would witness some horrible things, but it was never him he was just there,

Watchin the upper class he would always end up hang out in the lower class areas, sometimes alone at the party he shouldn't be at, Everybody has relationship problems, but he had troubles growing up, overcommitted all in, very romantic, generous and genuine, girls would show interest then leave him hanging, or hurt, he was always really good at making friends, he is super charming, it shaped him to be the protector and defender type, looking after everyone, he almost died in a pro snowboarding comp, it really shaped is morality, and spiritually aspects in divine patience

When he was younger he had a real rebellious attitude, he lashed out, partly cuz he could, partially because of the weight on his shoulders and the pressures, to succeed, the lighter side of burnouts, True would never give up, no matter what he tried

True Life stories are what make hip hop intimate and real, more stories will surface the more the fame bubble blows bigger and bigger before it burst, rumors and facts will blend, when he was a kid, he was the last one of his friends that age to ride a bike, not because he was afraid to fall and get hurt, he didn't want to fail, but it wasn't that he was scared to fail, he just wanted to get on the bike and ride.....

His life is out in the open, for every one to see, the family drama, roommate problems, friendships, loves lost and found, work and dreams, it gets hard for everyone, and we all go thru it, nobody is perfect, just sit back and enjoy the shows